İnanılmaz Şemsiye Tasarımları


Hepinizi hayrete düşürecek 10 adet şemsiye tasarımı. İçlerinde çok güzel fikirler çok güzel tasarımlar var fakat buda ne ne işe yararki böyle bir tasarım diyebileceğimiz şemsiyelerde var. Artık yorum size kalmış.
Aşağıda 10 adet şemsiye tasarımının resimlerini ve bir çoğunun videosunu bulacaksınız. Yorumlarınızı bekliyorum arkadaşlar…Yabancı siteden alıntı olduğu için açıklamalar ingilizce arkadaşlar lütfen idare edin.

Samurai Sword Umbrella

The Samurai Umbrella replaces your boring umbrella grip with a Japanese sword handle, into a dashing, rainproof road warrior. They’ve even included a shoulder case for the umbrella, so you can carry it bandolier-style and free up your hands

Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrella

At first glance it looks just like any other ordinary umbrella, but one click of the button on the handle will illuminate the shaft in a bright flash of light that’s sure to scare off those evil pith helmet wearing bad guys, just waiting to pounce in the rain. Or it might just make you look super cool on your commute to work. Stand out and be noticed the next time it rains and make your way to the office Sci-Fi style.

Water Gun Umbrella

This unique, funnel shaped umbrella harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall.

Glowing Umbrella for dark rainy days

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The umbrella glows! It provides a nice light source for rainy nights and looks pretty awesome and distinctive as well. Since it’s, again, just a concept, you can’t buy it yet, but who knows what the future will bring.

Umbrella Stool

Cool umbrella designed to be used as a stool when there is no rain.

Electric Umbrella

Check out this Electric Umbrella idea that allows you to walk through the stormy night without worrying about stumbling over any deadwood or roots which cannot be seen in the dark. This is not a concept , so you’ve got to make sure you’re pretty deft with some hardware tools and have a working knowledge of electronics before you begin

Handbag Umbrella

The umbrella is an incredible invention but nobody has a way to prevent a wet dripping umbrella from creating a mess in your house.
The Inside Out Umbrella solves this problem by fully inverting into a small bag. All the wet drippy stuff stays inside.

The Internet Umbrella

Pileus is an interactive medium of an umbrella to make rainy days fun! Pileus has a big screen on its inside surface, and a camera and embedded sensors on its grip. Then it provides natural embodied interaction with web services to make city walking more interactive.
The current prototype has two main functions: photo-sharing and 3D map navigation. The photo-sharing function is connected to Flickr, then a user can share their finding (e.g. new shops, beautiful scenes) in a city with his/her friends taking a picture by the camera. The screen also shows beautiful photo-streams retrieved from shared-pictures in a Flickr community. The photo-function is operated by a simple action on the umbrella with a motion sensor without any complicated operations.


Golf Club Umbrella

This quirky umbrella was inspired by designer Sebastian Errazuriz’s rainy day golf outings. While living in Scotland, he and his friends often found themselves carrying golf clubs and umbrellas simultaneously, which struck inspiration in the young designer. Made of steel, fiberglass, polyester, and rubber. This product is an umbrella and should not be used as a golf club.

Smokers Umbrella

This umbrella is part of an essential kit for every individual who enjoys their cigarette. The kit contains a high quality automatic opening umbrella made of strong (pongee) fabric, and aluminium ribs with fibreglass tips. The fabric has special ’smoking songs’ written on the outside

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