26 İnanılmaz ve Gizli Google Earth Görüntüsü

Büyük ihtimalle daha önce görmediğiniz ve gördüğünüzde şaşıracağınız görüntüler. Google Earth haritası üzerinde dünya üzerinde bulunmuş gizli ve inanılmaz yerlerin fotoğrafları ve koordinatları.

1. Red Sea Governorate, Egypt (27°22’50.10″N, 33°37’54.62″E)

An interesting, mysterious pattern in the desert.

2. Coronado, California, USA (32°40’34.19″N 117° 9’27.58″W)

See the Swastika-shaped building?

3. Kigosi Game Reserve, Tanzania (4°17’21.49″ S 31°23’46.46″ E)

This is a massive herd of water buffalo.

4. Wittmann, Arizona, USA (33.747252, -112.633853)

That’s a completely random triangle located in Arizona.

5. Walsh, Alberta, Canada (50° 0’38.20″N 110° 6’48.32″W)

“The Badlands Guardian” in the mountains.

6. Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia (-33.836379, 151.080506)

SS Ayrfield, aka the floating forest, which is a shipwrecked boat covered in trees.

7. Dayton, Oregon, USA (45° 7’25.87″N 123° 6’48.97″W)

Firefox logo in a cornfield.

8. Córdoba, Argentina (-33.867886, -63.987)

A guitar-shaped forest.

9. Columbia Station, Ohio, USA (1.303921, -81.901693)

A heart-shaped lake

10. Gobi Desert, China (40.452107, 93.742118)

Another mysterious pattern but this one is in the middle of the desert.

11. Nevada, USA (37.563936, -116.85123)

A giant target in the desert.

12. Boise National Forest, Boise, Idaho, USA (43.645074, -115.993081)

I wonder what they made this out of?

13. Moab, Utah, USA (38°29’0.16″N 109°40’52.80″W)

Potash evaporation ponds at the Intrepid mines.

14. Nevada, USA (37.629562, -116.849556)

More strange patterns, this one being in the sand in Nevada.

15. Arica, Chile (-18.529211, -70.249941)

50 meters tall and 120 meters wid, this is the world’s largest coca-cola logo, which is made out of 70,000 empty Coke bottles.

16. El Segundo, California (33.921277, -118.391674)

A giant Mattel logo.

17. Sahara Desert, southern Ténéré of Niger (16.864841, 11.953808)

UTA Flight 772 Desert Memorial.

18. Winslow, Arizona, USA (35.027185, -111.022388)

The Barringer meteor crater.

19. Katavi National Park, Tanzania (6°53’53.00″ S 31°11’15.40″ E)

A giant pool of hippos bathing.

20. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA (44.525049, -110.83819)

The Grand Prismatic Spring

21. Okinawa, Japan (26.357896, 127.783809)


22. Come Downtown and Play, Memphis, Tennesse, USA (35.141533, -90.052695)

That’s the roof of Peabody Place Entertainment and Retail Center

23. Heart-Shaped Land Formation, New Caledonia, France (20°56’15.47″S, 164°39’30.56″E)

24. Oil Fields, Rio Negro, Argentina (37°39’16.06″S 68°10’16.42″W)

The oil fields in Argentina form a mesmerizing web.

25. Shipwreck, Basrah, Iraq (30.541634, 47.825445)

Looks like a building at first, but it’s actually a shipwreck.

26. Jet in a Parking Lot, 92410 Ville-d’Avray, France (48.825183, 2.1985795)

For some reason, there’s a jet just chilling out in a parking lot.

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